fumi pianoschool

Enrich your life with music!

Is your child getting the best?

Give your child the gift of:

incresed self-confidence 

improved memory and concentration
increased fine-motor skills
a head start with musical self-expression

Do you have a passion to learn? NOW is the time to act!

About fumi pianoschool

Fumi pianoschool opened in 2009 and have taught over 100 students here in Hachiouji-minamno city. We also received great satisfaction from successful events that we have handled such as annual piano concert, jazzband with kids, workshop for kindergarteners etc.


I have over twenty years of experience as a piano instructor in private classes and in company operation.It gave me alot of abilities such as to find individual talents of students and to solve their problems.
My academic traning is in classical music, but I have also been trained in jazz piano so I can offer lessons of various genres you want.
I believe my experience, knowledge and earnestness would make your music-life successful. 

Piano Courses for kids

All courses offer 40 lessons per year.
The price shown are mothly lesson fees.


Age 3-6
30min individual lesson


Age 7-11
40min individual lesson


Age 12-18

Adult music lessons

Looking for private or online Music lessons for adults? We are currently accepting new students of ALL AGES to share in the love of music.

We offer individual music tuition in various  genres such as classical, pops and jazz during school-time or afterschool.

*This course available only for women


5000yen for 24 lessons per year / 30min each 
3000yen for 12 lessons per year /40 min  each

Pop and Rock style piano

6000yen for 24 lessons per year /30min each 
4000yen for 12 lessons per year/40 min  each

Jazz piano

7000yen for 24 lessons per year /40min each 
5000yen for 12 lessons per year/50 min  each


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Ofune-machi Hachiouji-shi 
Tokyo Japan


If you have any questions, please feel free to contust us via e-mail.


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